Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About me

My name is Jake Bradley im 14 years old and i live Sherborne , Dorset I am a full time train
spotter i go all over the UK spotting trains and riding on trains . I am a bit of a gamer as well i play all short of game on my computer Medieval total war
II , Rome total war And silent hunter 3 & 4 , my favourite class of trains are : class 159 south west train , class 158s first great western & Arriva , class 43 first great western , class 150 first great western and class 67 EWS , my favourite railway line is " the heart off the Wessex line " that is Bristol to Weymouth and " Wessex mainline " that is Portsmouth to Cardiff Via Bristol temple meads i also love riding on a pair of class 67 to Weymouth from Bristol temple meads they run every saturday

My railway photography
i've been taking pictures of train for 3 years and filming trains for 2 and half years , i am not an expert on photography but i am good , hear are some pictures that i taken

1498 Comes into Lymington pier
class 150 leaving Cardiff Queen Street 1 picture i have edited to look black and white and the other is the unedited picture

Cab of a HST First great western class 43 ( 43155 )
First great western class 150 leaving Bath Spa
If you want to see more picture then visit my Flickr account @ and for videos then visit my youtube account @
these are just some pictures that i have taken i have hundreds and hundreds of picture just not trains but planes as well , im not rally a plane spotter but i do love planes , it in my blood to fly , i've flown and plane before it was a piper warrior and it was a flying lesson with Solent school of flying ,
My flying certifcate 30th september 2007
my videos
I love filming trains with my trusted tripod and camcorder , i go filming all over the south east and south west of England , i've been filming for 2 and a half years now and if i be so bold i think im pretty good , take a look at some of my videos

class 43 comes into castle cary with a tone from the driver and the person in red is my friend Andy

check out all my other videos at

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